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Accommodation in Aruba

Hotels are in a competitive business in Aruba. When one hotel introduces a new feature, the others scramble to match or beat it. As a result, all the upscale resorts have a casino, a fitness center, some kind of spa, an assortment of dining and drinking venues, lush gardens, and magnificent pools. Even modest hotels and apartments have amenities you wouldnít expect for the price.

So, how do you decide where to stay?

First, concern yourself with the location. The majority of Aruba hotels are in the Palm, Eagle, Manchebo and Druif Beaches resort area on the northwest coast, offering accommodation of a very high standard. Rates are much lower in the summer, which is the islandís low season.

High-rise hotels line Palm Beach, at the far north end of the islandís with-sand strip. Roadside and beach-side walkways connect these closely clustered hotels, so guests may conveniently stroll to restaurants or other public facilities at adjacent resorts. Low-rise hotels extend from Eagle to Druif Beaches. These resorts are more low-key, less glitzy, and a wider expanse of sand separates each property from the water and each other. This is the place for upscale beach bums who favor boutique hotels or timeshare accommodations with kitchens and living areas.

In addition to these districts, Oranjestad offers various accommodations near restaurants, casinos, shops and nightclubs. Small hotels and private villas are spread out across the island - many are right on the water or within walking distance of a beach.

Since resorts compete fiercely for the tourists, all the large establishments have on-site casinos, fitness canters with spas, several restaurants and bars, lush landscaping to make you forget the desert-like natural terrain, amazing swimming pools, and a selection of classy shops.

Activity-specific packages, all-inclusive prices, and air-car-tour-accommodation rates may save you some money, but do the math before booking a vacation that may not meet your expectations and needs. Usually you can put together your own package at a better cost.

A word about rates.

Aruba also offers a great selection of privately held apartments.

High-Rise Hotels

Low-Rise Hotels


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