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Aruba Attractions Map

Aruba Maps - Attractions Map
Aruba Maps - Aruba in the caribbean
  1. Wreck of German freighter from World War II
  2. Chapel of Alto Vista
  3. Church of Santa Anna, Noord, with 100 year-old hand-carved oak alter
  4. Gold Mill Ruins
  5. Historical graves dating back to early 18th century
  6. Ruins of gold smelter of Bushiribana
  7. Fontein cave with Indian drawings
  8. Indian Rock Garden at Hooiberg II with its tropical garden and tropical birds, tiny museum and more
  9. Natural Bridge
  10. Rock formations of Ayo
  11. Rock formations of Casibari
  12. Yamonta Hill, Aruba's highest elevation with the best view of the island
  13. Guadirikiri cave
  14. Frenchman's Pass
  15. Sand dunes of Prins
  16. Sand dunes of California
  17. Savaneta beach and picnic grounds
  18. Arikok National Park; best preserved Indian drawings can be seen here
  19. Palm Beach area
  20. Eagle Beach
  21. Arashi Beach, a popular dive site with colorful corals and fish species
  22. Bubali, bird sanctuary
  23. De Palm Reef Island
  24. Huliba Cave

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