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29 dive destinations, 700 islands, 1000+ regularly dived sites. Unspoiled reefs, a plethora of wrecks, guaranteed shark encounters, the chance to swim with wild dolphins, spectacular walls and blue holes and fantastic caves.

Our scattering of more than 700 islands covering 100,000 square miles is THE place to head for if you are looking for true diving excitement. Add the vibrant local culture, the hustle and bustle of casino towns such as Nassau, tourist hotspots such as Freeport and the idyllic beauty of the Out Islands and you have a holiday experience not to miss.

On all the islands divers can find well-established, well-run dive centres that while at the cutting edge of diving still cater for small groups. Some centres have over 40 years diving experience and with over 1000 regularly dived sites and thousands more to be discovered, you'll find it impossible to sample all of the aquatic wonders to be found in the Islands of the Bahamas.


Snorkeling is the best way for the inexperienced to become acquainted with the stunning beauty of the Bahamian reefs. Equipment and instruction can be found at almost any hotel, and reefs teeming with colorful marine life can be found on every island.


With over 50 fishing records to their credit, The Islands Of The Bahamas are considered one of the premier destinations in the world for sportfishing. Deep-sea fishing and bonefishing are the two standouts, with events held nationwide throughout the year. Experienced guides and fishing lodges are plentiful in the isles and are fully outfitted to make sure you have the very best fishing experience possible. From chartered boats to flats fishing, The Bahamas have just about every type of fishing for first-timers and fanatics.

Sailing & Boating

There's plenty of excellent pleasure cruising to be done in The Bahamas; the islands offer gorgeous waters and a seemingly endless array of uninhabited cays inaccessible by any other means (save swimming . . .). Even around the most popular islands you can drop anchor at some remote spot and enjoy sunny, silent swimming and snorkeling far from the shore. If you want someone else to do the sailing for you, cruise in a glassbottom boat during the day, dance under the stars on a dinner cruise, or charter a crewed boat for a couple of days of quiet and careless escape.

Competitive sailing, like competitive fishing, finds an ideal location in The Bahamas. Whether you're just watching or want to participate, a regatta is a beautiful and thrilling way to pass the day. Each major island holds its own regatta, usually in late summer; the best are to be found on Exuma, Long Island, Nassau/Paradise Island, and Freeport/Lucaya. The regattas tend to spawn parties, barbecues, and other congenial, inclusive gatherings--hang around a regatta long enough and you'll find yourself with ten new playmates by sundown.

The Bahamas are also the site of quite a few noncompetitive sailing events, which bring boat enthusiasts and the just-curious together to bask in the warmth of camaraderie.


Golf has found its ideal location in the consistent sun of The Bahamas, and the islands regularly host world-class tournaments in each. There is no season to limit play here, just year-round blue skies and warm weather.

Both 9 and 18-hole golf courses abound; whatever your handicap, you'll be able to find the right course for you.