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Want to make a few thousand dollars in one night, or dance the night away, or you just want to show off your newly acquired bronze tan - the Bahamas nightlife offers more then a few places to do it. As you might have already heard, gambling is legal in the Bahamas. That is gambling is legal for everybody, but Bahamians. Bahamians caught gambling are subject to fines of up to $500.

The odds are a lot better for tourists: those caught gambling are rewarded with a complimentary drink.

The Bahamas sports four large casinos: two on New Providence: one at Cable Beach and the other on Paradise Island, and two on Grand Bahama: one in Freeport and the other in Lucaya.

All nightlife places offer a wide variety of games, including roulette, black-jack, baccarat, dice, slot machines, the wheel of fortune and of course the 'big six'.

For those who don't trust their luck, the casinos also offer brilliant shows with a native flair, the most popular of which is Paradise Island's Le Cabaret Theater.

In between casinos are hundreds of bars of every color, flavor and description, as well as night clubs which play everything from funky disco of the seventies to the latest rave hits of the nineties, till the wee hours of the morning.

For those who want a taste of the islands, almost every hotel offers local island entertainment that involves the guests, where visitors are invited to do the limbo, the dollar dance and the electric slide to the latest innovations in island music. Don't leave until you learn the dollar dance.

And for those who want something more romantic, nothing beats a moonlight stroll on the beach.

Gambling in the Bahamas

Non-residents 18 years and up can legally gamble in the Bahamas. There is one casino located on Cable Beach in Nassau, one in the Atlantis hotel on Paradise Island, and one in Freeport/Lucaya on Grand Bahama.

Sports betting is allowed on any sport (other than horse racing) which takes place within or outside The Islands of the Bahamas - however it legally cannot take place by phone or any other telecommunication device, or on behalf of another person.

Despite the fact that it is illegal to gamble Bahamians do so (on the side) anyway. Playing the U.S. lottery, betting on football games, etc. is very common.