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Dining in Bahamas - Restaurants

The main tourist areas offer a variety of restaurants and foods, including seafood, steak and international cuisine (Continental, Chinese, Japanese, Polynesian). English-style pubs and U.S. fast-food joints are also prevalent. If you want to sample traditional Bahamian food, look beyond the upscale resorts.

Among the local specialties are fish chowder (usually made with grouper, tomatoes, dark rum and lime juice) and conch salad (usually uncooked conch marinated in hot sauce and served with peppers and onions). Our favorite places to eat serve local specialties, including conch fritters, chowders, salads, pea soup with dumplings, fried fish with johnnycake (sweeter than on the Caribbean islands) and grouper cutlets. The "lobster," a clawless variety of giant crawfish, is delicious. Try the guava duff or soursop ice cream for dessert. Among the excellent tropical fruits are sugar apples, kinip (also spelled guinop, it's much like a litchi), wild sea grapes and mangos.

Kalik is the Bahamas' national beer, and there are lots of fruity, rum-based drinks such as the Goombay Smash and the Bahama Mama. A number of excellent British ales can also be found. Various nonalcoholic malt drinks are worth a try.


Tip hotel and restaurant employees 15% if a service charge hasn't already been added to the bill.