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Eleuthera & Harbour Island


Miles of glistening pink and white sand beaches, serene colonial villages and rolling acres of pineapple plantations make Eleuthera Island an island of the most casual sophistication. The cool laziness of Eleutheran life and dusty-yet-drenched colours of the island give it the feel of a giant illusion. Much of the island's architecture and way of life were influenced by Loyalist settlers in the late 1700s. With its two companions, Harbour Island and the community of Spanish Wells, Eleuthera Island has long been a favoured destination among smart travellers seeking a bit of quiet charm.

Tiny Harbour Island (occupied almost completely by the community of Dunmore Town) reminds many visitors of a miniature Bermuda with its Georgian architecture and fabulous beaches of coral pink sand.

Picture yourself gliding by the pink and white beaches, the sheltered coves, the breathtaking bluffs and charming anchorages. You'll agree: Eleuthera/Harbour Island is simply a sailor's dream.

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