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Getting around in Nassau/Paradise Island, Grand Bahama Island and most of the Out Islands is easy. The various modes of on-Island transportation include: rental cars, taxis (which are plentiful) buses (called jitneys) which for a small fare can take you to and from many locations, motorbikes (mopeds), bicycles, surreys (horse and carriage rides used in conducting short tours around Nassau), water taxis (in Nassau they operate between Prince George Wharf and Paradise Island) and in some of the Out Islands they operate between cays.

Driving Tip: Right is Wrong. Drive on the LEFT side of the road

When renting a motor vehicle remember always to drive on the left. Though it takes some getting to used to (particularly when you are driving down deserted roads in the family islands) accidents are rare.

Also remember that a percentage of Bahamian drivers drive very badly. It seems the latest fad is to stop in the middle of the road to talk to your friend who is walking down the street, or to stop in your lane to talk to the person in the opposing lane, rather then driving onto the side of the road. Also watch out for reckless taxi and bus drivers, who are incapable of reading speed limit signs or using signals when they cut you off.

Lastly, when you are about to drive across a pedestrian crossing a Bahamian (or tourist) will run to the curb to cross the street, and a few will slow down as they cross the street. So take your time, and be careful.

Look to your RIGHT (if not both ways) when crossing

Since people drive on the left in the Bahamas, be extra careful that you look right when you are crossing a road. Many tourists have unfortunately attempted to cross roads without looking in the direction a car is coming from - their right. Even better - look both ways.