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Arubian Beer

The first Balashi beer off the assembly line of the Brouwerij Nacional Balashi N.V. in 1999 delighted a discerning public, and has now captured the attention of the prestigious “Monde Selection” in Brussels, winning recognition as a world-class beer worthy of a 2001 Gold Medal. Over the past two years, since the opening of the island’s first grand scale, fully automated European-equipped brewery, Brouwerij Nacional Balashi continues to set new goals and realize greater accolades for its flagship beer. Balashi was the brewery’s first uniquely Arabian product, crafted from a secret recipe containing malt imported from Scotland, hops from Germany, and made sublime by the island’s very own famously fresh, pure water. The result is a deliciously smooth, golden-colored Pilsener beer with a well-balanced aftertaste.

More importantly, Balashi Beer is the only beer on the market that does not contain artificial additives. Perfectly refreshing in Aruba’s warm climate, the beer gained acceptance and was soon a featured favorite at local hang-outs, hotels, restaurants, sporting events and get-togethers among family and friends, not only on Aruba but now also in Curacao and Bonaire where it recently made its debut.

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