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Aruba Apartments: Bringamosa Apartments

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Bringamosa Apartments

The apartments are situated on that part of Aruba where you can quietly enjoy the singing of the birds of the island. Sitting in the sun, looking out over the valley, or sitting under a huge Kwihi-tree. Well protected from the sun if you want to in your own private garden (ca. 2000 m2).

Right in the middle of the island in a genteel Aruban neighbourhood. Little local stores will supply everything you need. Furthermore it is a perfect starting point for sightseeing. And if you want to visit the city center or go to the beach, it will take only 10 minutes by car to bring you there.

When you leave you will feel if you were an Aruban yourself!

Bringamosa Apartments - Aruba

Apartments: (2/4 persons)

  • fully equipped and furnished
  • direct dial local/international mobile phone system
  • well situated balcony
  • free laundry services
  • television and radio cassette and CD player
  • ceiling fans in every room
  • fully equipped kitchen
  • two modern bathrooms
  • garden furniture
  • beach furniture
  • garage
  • BQ-pit
  • baby crib
Bringamosa Apartments - Aruba

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