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Aruba Neighbors - Curacao

Curacao island

With Bonaire 30 miles to the east and Aruba 42 miles west, Curacao is ay the center of the ABC islands.

Thirty-eight miles long, with widths ranging from 7.2 to 2.5 miles at its narrow middle, Curacao covers an area of more than 174 square miles and is the largest of the ABC islands.

Like its sister islands, Aruba and Bonaire, Curacao's rugged windward coast is constantly battered by pounding waves driven in by the trade winds, while its protected leeward side is known for its lovely tranquil bays and secluded beaches.

Flights to Curacao land at the Hato International Airport, which is located not quite mid-island on the north coast. Southeast of the airport is Curacao's capital Willemstad, on the south coast, nestled between the Caribbean and the Schottegat Harbor. The city's two principal districts, Punda to the east and Otrobanda to the west, are separated by the Santa Anna Bay, witch connects the Schottegat with the sea. Shopping, nightlife, most restaurants and hotels are in the area immediately in and around Willemstad.

Just southeast of Willemstad, in the area known as Bapor Kibra, are the Curacao Sea Aquarium and the Sea Aquarium Beach, two of the island's most popular attractions. Farther east is Spanish Water, a beautiful sheltered bay, home of the island's most exclusive residential areas and yacht clubs.

While the southeast, especially in the area around Willemstad, is more developed, Curacao's northwestern region is more scenic, home to the island's loveliest beaches and most beautiful vistas. The Coral Cliff Resort and Casino is in this area, as is the Kadishi Cliff Resort, a cluster of luxury villas dramatically perched atop a cliff overlooking Playa Kalki, one of the Curacao's most spectacular beaches. Nearby is the 4,500-acre Christoffel National Park, habitat of the rare Curacao white-tailed deer and home of the island's highest peak. At 1,239 feet, the Christoffelberg, or Mount Christoffel, towels majestically above Curacao. Those two manage the climb to the top are richly rewarded with magnificent views across the island, oftentimes reaching as far as Bonaire and Venezuela.

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