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Divi Aruba Beach Resort (All Inclusive)

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Hotel Security Useless
Reviewer: Darren, Massachusetts

We stayed at the Divi Divi for 7 days. The hotel was clean and it was very beautiful. The buffet at both the Divi Divi and the Tamarijn did have lots of flys but nothing that caused us not to eat.

We only experienced a problem with the security. On the second night of our stay at the Divi, my father who was staying in an adjoining room from my wife and I heard a loud noise when we were out around 11pm. He walked into our room to find that a man was standing over our cameras and valuables in our room. He had taken the "permanent" side of the sliding glass door off the track and basically walked in. My father yelled at the top of his lungs and the man ran, dropping his cell phone, which we kept and gave to the police. It was a local person who broke in.

Security called the police, although we were told that the police station was closed on Sunday nights. It took two days before the police came to talk to us.

The next night a bathing suit and shoes were stolen from our ground floor patio. After two nights of incidents and many upset calls to the security manager, security was finally posted outside of our room 24 hours per day. We were on an end room very close to the road and this may have added to the security risk.

All in all, the Divi Divi was clean and very scenic, we had a good time, but security was basically useless and very un-empathetic. Many of the security officers did not even speak english. If you go here, expect to have a nice time BUT make sure you get a safe for your valuables and if you are in a ground floor with a slider, make sure that you have them screw "metal screws" through the "permanent" side of the slider or you too may have an incident.

Loved the divi resort
Reviewer: John Soyak, orange city, florida

Traveled to aruba to the all inclusive divi and had a great vacation. the locals at the resort bent over backwards to make sure that we totally enjoyed ourselves; my wife and i both had a great time. My daughter is going in july to enjoy her anniversary there.

Well worth the time. If you get there you have to go on the jeep adventure it is definitely one of the best times that we have ever had while on vacation make sure you drive the jeep if your not faint of heart.

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