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Holiday Inn Aruba Reviews

Reviewer:nicole Boston, MA

This past May, 2004, my sister and I went back and stayed at the Holiday Inn, not as nice as Wyndnam, but even MORE affordable, we're actually going back in August and staying there again, so it really isn't that bad. There are good things and not so good things about all hotels.

First Impression, what I definitely didn't like about the Holiday Inn is that when walking into the hotel, it's all open, not enclosed, so there's no air conditioning in the lobby or in the elevators, it's extremely hot - I like to feel refreshed when coming in from being on the beach all day. Also, for those who may want to make phone calls, there is only ONE phone in the lobby for EVERYONE to use, so there's almost always a line which can get aggravating at times. The biggest downfall about our room that neither of us were happy about at the Holiday Inn was the bathroom, it was just GROSS - I know it's old but it was gross to see that the whole bathroom had calking all over the place - it just grossed me out!

Also, maybe it's like this in all hotels, I don't know but I didn't notice this until the end our 2 week stay that there were little tiny bugs EVERYWHERE - In your BED, yes, your bed - the reason I say that is because I saw them on the nightstand and I saw them on the floor... but I say the bed cause I wondered all week where I was getting all these little bug bites from - but like I said, I'm sure there's bugs everywhere!!

The little thing my sister and I liked about the Holiday Inn was that there was a fridge in the room where we could put all our water/left over food... There's a subway and Sbarro, and a Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins across the street - we rarely ate out so it was good to be able to WALK there and grab a bite to eat in the afternoon - whereas, if you stayed at the Wyndnam, there's nothing like that around, and there's no fridge in the room that you could put your stuff in, only the mini bar, so....those little things mattered to us so you really have to weigh what's important to you on vacation.

Something everyone should know about Aruba that we actually didn't know our first time there is that there are buses that travel into town from early morning to maybe 11-11:30 at night and they're only a $1 whereas if you take a cab, it's maybe between $10-$13 depending on where you're coming from saves $$ to take the big bus or even the mini bus, they're both a $1.

So, go and have fun - Aruba's the BEST - I can't stop going there and if I may I'd love to say,

Visit "ITITO'S WATERSPORTS" located directly in front of the Radisson hotel.

They're the BEST there!!!
I love them!!! :)

Reviewer: Marc, Boston, MA

I don't care what any person says about the Holiday Inn because I think it was an EXCELLENT hotel. I have not one complaint about my whole stay and I am going back for the second time in less than one year. The staff was very nice and the food was great. My room was great and I had a beautiful view of the ocean. I definitely recommend this hotel to anyone and there prices are fairly reasonable.

Good priced hotel
Reviewer: Yong, The Netherlands

The HI is a good and clean hotel, do not expect too much of it. But for the price-class it is in, it is good value for your money. We stayed in the Curacao Tower, right next to it is a great beach-bar called Moomba Beach ( they serve great cocktails and great food for reasonable prices.

Great Experience!
Reviewer: mumbo, Milford, Ohio

We stayed at the Hoilday Inn Sun Spree for 10 days, arriving August 9, 2003 and departing August 20, 2003. We read all the horror stories about how bad the rooms were, how unfriendly the staff was if you were all inclusive and how bad the food was. During our stay we didn't see much of that at all. The only small problem we had was during checkin at 11:00pm ( our flight was delayed 2hrs due to mechancial problems) the hotel didn't hold our reserved Jr. suite and we had to stay in a standard room over night. The next morning after normal checkout they provided us with a room right on the beach. The room was very clean and maintained by a freindly staff. Food at the Miramar was excellent, we ate there three times, but we enjoyed the different theme nights at the Boardwalk Cafe better. We really enjoyed our stay, and if you get a beach front room you will to.

Better than the reviews
Reviewer: Aruba visitor, Portland Maine

Most people have opinions that are way too hard on this resort. Yes it's older,but the rooms are like most H.I. rooms with a balconey. It also has a great location with a terrific beach. I have never had any problems with the staff in six visits. Perhaps people are getting a reflection of thier own attitudes. Aruba has great restaurants, why would you go all inclusive? If you been saving for ten years or are on your honeymoon maybe you should spend more and visit Sandles. If you just like to travel and get a good value for your money the H.I. is your ticket

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