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Hyatt Regency Aruba - Guest Reviews Hotel description

Hyatt Regency Aruba - Scenic/Relaxing
Reviewer: Don Spera, Pennsylvania

This is an awesome place to visit. The scenery is magnificent, the people very friendly & all though the security at the airport is very particular it makes you feel much more at ease.

The Hyatt Regency was very clean, great staff and always willing and able to assist you. Be prepared for having a 15% gratuity added to everything you eat in most all areas of Aruba. They also leave a space blank to add more for exceptional service. Well to me exceptional service would be entitled to 15% but should be at your own discretion. Even when purchasing something from a Deli, they have tip buckets.

Aruba is a very humid area so it does take some adapting. I guess the two most negative things to me were that the hotel casinos do not open up until 12:00pm.

The stores downtown in Oranjestad pull in the sidewalks at 6:00pm. On Sundays virtually everything is closed except for the Casinos, so you may want to reserve this day for beach day.

I would have boycotted Aruba, but this was a vacation that was won and booked before Natalies disappearance. I would have altered my destination if the trip would have been won afterwards. I sympathize full with the family, but I also sympathize with the people from Aruba having to take the blunt of the negative publicity, but the island government is putting the USA to a test on this issue.

Our family loved the Hyatt and Aruba!!
Reviewer: Aruba visitor, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Our family of four just returned from a week at the Hyatt and we all agree it was a great trip. Prior to this trip I was not a beach enthusiast and preferred mountain resorts. I may enjoy the mountains in the summer and fall but you couldn't talk me into another winter snow ski trip! Aruba and the Hyatt changed my idea of what a relaxing vacation is all about. My wife chose the Hyatt and of the resorts we saw, we agree with the reviews that consider it the best resort on Palm Beach if not the entire island. We have no complaints. Although the Hyatt was very busy, we never felt that we were slighted in any way. The staff was magnificent and very friendly.

In fact, we found everyone on the island to be the same. Everyone we encountered worked hard to accomodate us and make our trip relaxing, hassle free, and enjoyable. We used Red Sail sports for scuba diving, snorkeling (my first attempt at both and I am hooked!!), and other water sports. I highly recommend them. Although Aruba is a desert island, we found it different and loved it. The Hyatt in particular and the other resorts on Palm Beach are beautifully landscaped. Aruba's beaches and people are great and the main reason we would return and recommend it to others.

Honeymoon At The Hyatt
Reviewer:, Bayside, NY

The Hyatt is a beautiful place. The rooms are very clean and the service is great all around which included a bottle of champagne upon arrival and our last night. The only warning is that the pool area is packed beyond capacity and everyone is on top of each other. If you love to swim forget it since you will bang into people constantly. Get out early because chairs are taken by 10:00. as well as the Beach Huts. The beach is great but again very crowded with kids and Family. Not the place for a quiet,relaxing honeymoon or vacation for that matter. It's a haven for families with kids.

Hyatt evreything and more
Reviewer: Aruba visitor, Sheboygan, Wi.

The Hyatt was awesome . It is pricy but a class act. Aruba was more than I thought it would be. Enjoyed Jolly Pirates snorkeling . the live music at the bar was the minus . cheesy . Staff was excellent and the hotel was very clean . Plam beach is wonderful . The Hyatt is the best resort on palm beach and we visited all the resorts . Enjoy Aruba it`s a great island and locals are great . Were coming back!!!!!

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