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On one side of Aruba, the Atlantic crashes over rocks, coral ridges and cliffs. On the other Aruba is surrounded by tranquil Caribbean Sea - perfect for snorkeling and swimming. In between lies a desert landscape with a charming lighthouse and windmills, towering cacti and unique twisted divi-divi trees. Mix all that with modern hotels and resorts, fabulous dining, glitzy casinos... Aruba has something for everyone!

We hope you will find all the information you need to plan your holiday on the beautiful island of Aruba.

If your vision of paradise consists of powder-white beaches and incredibly clear azure waters, Aruba is paradise. Aruba - the island of unusual landscapes, balmy breezes and tropical rhythms is an idyllic destination for anyone who loves the sun and surf.


Popular vacation destinations in Aruba

Aruba Natural bridge
Arikok National Park
North Point/Lighthouse
Oranjestad, Aruba
Palm/Eagle Beach
De Palm Island
Tunnel of Love
Southeast Coast
Aruba Butterfly Farm

A dozen reasons to visit Aruba

  • Best Aruba beaches
  • Colorful Dutch architecture
  • Luxury Aruba hotels & resorts with all the amenities
  • Friendly residents who welcome tourists in many languages
  • A wild, arid countryside with spectacular geological formation
  • Great dive sites around Aruba
  • Constant trade winds for windsurfing and kitesurfing
  • An eco-friendly national park
  • A Robert Trent Jones, Jr.-designed championship golf course
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  • Aruba shopping malls and designer boutiques
  • Reasonably priced Aruba restaurants with international cuisine

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