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Aruba Marriott Resort - Guest Reviews Hotel description

Loved our trip
Reviewer: Graham Mullen, Belgrade Lakes, Maine

This is our third year in Aruba, and we have been to tree different hotels.... The Marriott is the last stop. When we go next year it will be at the Marriott. The service was excellent. We were there for 8 days right after the heavy rains, the staff could not have been more attentive to our needs. My husband had a great massage, and we have wonderful meals. The balcony was nice to use and we have four people sitting comfortly to enjoy the ocean view. The only thing that could be better would have had the Stellaris Casino pay out was a lot of fun........

Comfortable Paradise
Reviewer: David Dayton, State College, PA

I have visited Aruba twice in the last three months. The first time was actually my first ever visit to the island. Both times I stayed at the Marriott, but walked through the Hyatt, Radisson, Wyndham and Renaissance while I was there. Without a doubt, I made the right choice. The Marriott's rooms are the largest and most luxurious of the group. And the balcony was large enough for a small get together.

The hotel's chef (David) visited our table for a while one afternoon. He's a master chef in every way... my sea bass melted in my mouth like butter. And we actually ate dinner right in the sand, under the stars, with our feet in the surf and the tropics gently blowing in our faces... get the picture?

I totally agree with the description of Aruban people this site gives. The people are warm, welcoming and honorable. We never felt unsafe, and were intrigued by the history and urban legends that they shared with us.

Of course, the water is without description. This is the only beach I've ever visited where I didn't worry about my children's safety. Virtually no waves... crystal clear to 30 feet down... definitely no undercurrent... and shells aplenty. It's a kids (and a parent's) dream.

The Marriott has the best beach, too. I can't wait to go again... at least once more this summer. Five stars and counting!

Wonderful and Relaxing
Reviewer: Jack, Laurence Harbor, NJ

My wife and I took our 2nd honeymoon to Aruba. We picked the Marriott because it was one of the best values on the Island. This hotel has the best service, most spacious rooms, the biggest beach, and A Beautiful pool. All in all the $140 a night price tag it is by far the best bang for your buck. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Kelly, Los Angeles, CA

This hotel was a disappointment. It's architechtually unsightly, and is definitely not what I expected from a Marriott resort. It's eight stories, and the balconies for each guest room hung out like those in cheap apartments. Our balcony was immediately above a green roof of some sort with various debris- from conditioner bottle to leaves. Everything from the entry door to the elevator appeared to have been constructed with cost cutting measures. The room was relatively large, but the quality of material used was barely hotel standard. The one pool on the premises is much smaller than it appears on the virtual tour, and the water didn't seem clean.

Ryan at the La Vista restaurant was absolutely fantastic. Other than that, he service was average. I would have enjoyed this trip much more if I had stayed at a different hotel.

Fun and Relaxation Supreme
Reviewer:, Woodridge, Illinois

This was our 3rd visit in 3 years. The Marriott experience is first class; not inexpensive however but not over priced for what you get. All the people we have met are very helpful and friendly. Any restaurant on the island is excellent. Liked it so much, we purchased another timeshare to be able to spend more time in Aruba. Can't wait to return.

Aruba Marriott Resort description

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