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Aruba Occidental Grand Resort Reviews

Worth every dollar
Reviewer: Raymond H, Rhode Island

Real nice resort, excellent food, nice pool meets guest requirements, good entertainment, clean rooms, and by far the best beach in Aruba. I give my experience there two thumbs up!

value for money
Reviewer: Bob, Philadelphia, PA

My wife and I stayed at the Allegro/Occidental resort from Aug 16-23. We are in our late 20's, no kids, and wanted one thing from our vacation: sit on a beach with white sand/blue water all day long. Go with this mentality and you'll be satisfied. We chose the all-inclusive package.

The room: we stayed on the 9th floor. (Definitely request a room - 2 weeks in advance - on the North side of the complex, 4th floor+). Good view of the ocean, sunsets, and surroundings. Kept very well by the staff. The bathroom was clean, but pretty beaten up. We were not too picky about the room decor, since we spent very little time in it. All we cared was that it was clean.

The food: The buffet was a buffet. Got very old very fast. Convenient since we spent the entire day on the beach and were able to come and go quickly for breakfast and lunch whenever we wanted. Going out for lunch each day would have been a hassle, so we didn't mind the blah food for breakfast/lunch. Dinner buffet was pretty bad. We would recommend going to carusos and papayas restaurants, and then going out for dinner at least 2 more times downtown (El Gauchos, or some other place).

The entertainment: Different show each night was pretty good. We normally don't care for these corny shows, but we sat through them each night. The best part were the Cuban acrobats. They did some very cool stunts.

The casino: We didn't gamble, so cant comment.The staff: friendly and helpful. Sometimes forgetful of coffee or water refills, but nothing out of the ordinary or to fuss over.

The beach: PHENOMENAL! Yeah, you gotta wake up at the crack of dawn, but we would wake at 600am, grab a great spot under the papaya huts, and sleep on the beach (which was very relaxing with the cool breeze and sounds of the surf against the sand) till we would go to breakfast. There is a bar in the middle of the beach for you to get drinks at. They also serve pretty good hotdogs there too. At times, it felt overcrowded, but by Tues-Wed many of the guests go on trips throughout the island and free up a lot of space. (Definitely nicer beach than the Hilton, Radisson, or Wyndham -- we walked to each to check them out).

Our next trip: We would definitely go back to Aruba in a heartbeat. By far our favor spot in the caribbean. If we had a little more money to spend, we would stay at the Hilton (which is next door to Occidental, the same beach, the rooms are nicer, and their pool looked fantastic)... However, you get what you pay for....We would stay at the Occidental again, and do the all-inclusive again (b/c of the breakfast/lunch convenience). But we would definitely have gone out for dinner at least one more time... We only went to El Gaucho (great steaks) once. A good seafood dinner would have completed a perfect trip.

All in all: we were very sad to leave, very pleased with our stay, and very happy to have stuck to our plan... Sit on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world ALL day long. Hope this helps.

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