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Enjoying Aruba

In October of 2002 we vacationed at the Divi Divi Mega Resort under an all-inclusive package. The staff was pleasant, the beach was the finest and the weather perfect. We would recommend Aruba and the Divi Divi to anyone.

The island is small and we did it all - or almost all of it. We enjoyed DePalma's sunset sail and Tattoo all in one day. Renting a vehicle for a couple of day's to tour the island brought us closer to its people and way of life. The downtown flea market area was enjoyable - much unlike Cancun, Mexico where they hawk and try to push you into buying their wares.

We can't say enough about how much we enjoyed Aruba. Although we have planned our vacation for elsewhere this year, we are going to return to Aruba in 2004. No doubt about it...


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