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Aruba Hotel Comparison

Our stay in Aruba was lovely. Because we could not manage to get a 5* hotel for the full week on the island we had to split up the time among 4 different hotels. We have been to Aruba numerous times and were quite comfortable hotel-hopping in that country. It truly allowed us to "compare" hotels.

The welcome at Hyatt was by far the best. (The cooling towel, punch, complimentary drinks at the bar while waiting for the rooms, friendly people.. and open air lobby came out on top.)

Pool: my spouse preferred Hyatt pool area. However, I preferred the "free form" pool at the Radisson property which offers more privacy. And the zero entry was nice and enables a person to lie comfortably in the water if they prefer. The Radisson also had a few lounges and chairs which floated in the pool which were a nice touch.

Pool Lounge Chairs: very dirty at the Wyndham property and in dire need of steam cleaning. Padding on the chairs at the Hyatt was the nicest. Marriott property already had the ties ripped off the chairs at their new property although their chairs were the most pleasant looking the armrests were in the way for us. We were really impressed with the care given to "cleaning" the pool lounges "daily" at the Radisson property. We actually felt that some of the lounge chairs at the Hyatt were dirty and should have been taken down to the beach area because of paint chipping off of them etc.. Care should be given in all properties so that the locations where the chairs are stacked in the evenings are away from the view from the balconies on the end of the hotels - it just takes away from a nice view.

Landscaping: The Hyatt is the best. No other property comes close other than the Radisson is pleasant as well.

Beach: The Hyatt and the Radisson seemed to keep their beach the cleanest.

Rooms at the Radisson in Aruba also offered much more of an Island feel to them with shutters and carved pineapples on the four poster beds.

Radisson also offered teak furniture on their balconies. Unfortunately, your Aruba property does not have balconies really. Our best balcony by far was at the Marriott Resort property. It was the size of a kitchen with a full gorgeous ocean had a large teak table and chair set as well as teak lounges on the balcony.

Toiletries provided at the Hyatt were our favorites. They were generous enough size and stood nicely on their tops. Although, the Radisson provided Aloe lotion which was lovely on the days you received some burn from the sun. And since the Island is known for its Aloe products this was a nice touch.

Robes were provided in the rooms at the Radisson which were fabulous and comfortable.

Towels: quality at the Hyatt came out on top. Especially the pool towels thickness and color.

Comforters at the Marriott had the nicest design to our taste for the Island. Hyatt design could have been a room anywhere in the world not just an "Island" type design.

Duvet at the Wyndham was most comfortable.

Soaps at the Marriott were a nice touch as they were shaped as shells.

Bathrooms: Marriott was huge and nicely designed. Two sinks. Huge tub with large sides to accommodate wine glasses etc.. Although fresh flowers in washrooms at Radisson were a nice touch we found that their bathroom doors and placement of the toilet right at the entrance were a drawback at their hotel. Makeup mirror at the Hyatt was the nicest and right height for us.

Hallways: Most pleasurable to our taste was at the Marriott with the Hibiscus carpets. Although nothing can surpass the lobby at the Hyatt. The lobby and entrance at the Marriott were a huge disappointment for a new property.

Front of Hotel: Radisson is the nicest design with the waterfalls.

Restaurants: Marriott - Tuscany's disappointing and very expensive. Radisson too expensive. Hyatt - Ruinas del Mar extremely satisfying.

We have no idea how the Wyndham property can be rated a 5*. It is moldy, musty, and in need of reupholstery in the rooms and common areas. The walls around balcony at the Wyndham are in bad need of repair - falling apart.

Thanks for asking about our stay. I hope our review is of some assistance to you for your Aruba and other properties.

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