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Radisson Aruba Resort Reviews

Magnificent-wouldn't stay elsewhere
Reviewer: Cindy Brennecke, Houston,Tx

This is THE most magnificent place I have EVER had the privilege to stay at. The hotel is spectacular, the people were incredibly nice and bent over backwards to make us happy. The room was not to be believed. The food - WAY TOO GOOD. I wish I could afford to visit Aruba again soon. I'd never stay ANYWHERE other than the Radisson. It was a dream comes true. I was going thru a divorce and took my retired Mother with me and she fell in love with the hotel. She sat poolside daily and let the wonderful breezes relax her. We didn't have a care in the world!!

Move over Hyatt there's a new #1 Hotel in town
Reviewer: Susan, New Jersey

I spent quite a long time deciding between the Radisson and the Hyatt for my trip and I was very pleased with my decision. I checked out all the other hotels and the Radisson wins hands down.

It is much more spread out then the other resorts and seems to have a bigger beach area w/ more huts. The pool area is also spacious (the one at the Hyatt is beautiful but people seem to be climbing all over each other. The staff was wonderful and when they said "Good Morning" it actually seemed like they meant it!! The breakfast buffet was good and the beach bar was fine for lunch we didn't eat our meals here since there are so many wonderful restaurants to choose from in Aruba. I can't wait to return to Aruba and absolutely to The Radisson!

Heaven on Earth
Reviewer: Mary, Airmont, NY

My husband and I just came back from our 4th trip to Aruba - and our 3rd stay at the Radisson. The first time we had stayed at one of the other resorts but when we experienced the Radisson via the Sunset Grille, we decided that on our next trip we'd try the Radisson. Now, we can't dream of going anywhere else. The staff are extemely friendly and helpful; the rooms are beautifully furnished and immaculately kept. The beach is the best on the island. And the grounds are breathtaking.

We love the interaction with the birds, lizards and even the cats and dogs that wander through the resort area. Nobody pays them any mind, and they are as happy as everyone else. The Sunset Grille is the best restaurant we've eaten at there (and after 4 trips, we've been around). Another thing we enjoy is that each time we go back we remember staff people (that is, there is not a lot of turnover). We figure that this must mean that they are happy there too.

I would highly recommend this resort to anyone who wants to relax, get a tan, do activities or just sit around and read. My only regret is only being able to go for one week at time.

A Beautiful Resort on a not so pretty island
Reviewer: Aruba visitor, Staten Island, NY

The Radisson is a beautiful resort. From the minute you enter the resort, you know you can just lay back and relax. The entire lobby is open and made of a dark teak wood, all offset by the carribean decor. It is simple but beautiful. The grounds are magnificent. Everything is very lush and green (in sharp contrast to the rest of the island), and the falls are beautiful. We loved the pools. It was great that you could wade in as if you would in the ocean. The fountains were great and the pool areas were never too crowded. The beach was beautiful. I wasn't too crazy about the way the resort area of the island was situated. It seems like it is just one hotel after the next after the next and so on. But the upside to this is that they all share the same white sand beach which appears endless.

The Radisson is in a great location on the beach as well. It is very near the Pier which was conveniennt. And it just about central to all of the nearby hotels which made dining at other resorts very easy. The rooms were great, exactly as pictured in the brochures. The only small complaints I had were that the TV had no remote and the light in our shower was out our entire stay. The balconies are also a little on the small side but comfortable enough. My biggest complaint about this vacation applies more to the island than the Radisson in particular. The resorts are all set back quite a ways from the beach areas. So all though we had an ocean view room, we were so far from the beach and water that we were unable to hear the waves and enjoy the feeling you get being very near the water. I thought this to be a huge drawback, but as I said, this is the case at all of the resorts on Palm Beach so the Radisson can't be faulted. It is just the way they designed the resort area. The restaurants at the Radisson were also very good. We ate lunch daily at Gilligans which was very beach casual.

The food and service were very good. We had dinner twice at the Sunset Grille which has a very diversified menu. They also had the best dinner rolls I have ever had. We didn't have a chance to eat at Laguna, which is the seafood restaurant there but it looked beautiful. All of the staff there was wonderful as well. Everyone was very friendly and accomodating. My only suggestion, if you plan to use the phone often, rent a cell phone from the concierge desk. Calls from your room are ridiculously priced and the cell phone was a very reasonable alternative. I believe it was $10 per day plus whatever amount of minutes you want. But the best part was incoming calls were free so it was easy to keep in touch with those at home. Overall, I loved the place. We had dined at a few of the other hotels on the island, and with the exception of the Hyatt, the Radisson was far superior to everyplace else we saw.

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