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Accommodation - Rates

Some hotels have extremely complex rate schedules with prices varying within certain months and several times a year. Prices quoted are rack rates for two adults. Rack rates are the published prices that are charged to customers who walk in off the street. In most cases, you can get an infinitely more affordable rate by opting for a package, offered by tour operators or the hotels themselves.

In the same vein, although hotels are grouped by price category, think of the groupings as ballpark figures. Hotels change rates at different times during the year, so an “Expensive” hotel could be more affordable than a “Moderate” resort during a seasonal window of opportunity. Also, lumping traditional hotels and all-inclusives together is like comparing apples to mangoes. To determine the relative value of an all-inclusive, you’ll have to add the estimated cost of food, drink, and other amenities offered by the all-inclusive to the price of accommodations only at a regular hotel.

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