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No sales tax. Now, those are sweet words to adventurous shoppers. Aruba has the advantage of being a low-tax-free member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which makes it a fairly good place to buy European luxuries, jewelry, and perfume. Designated duty-free shops are located at the departure terminal of the airport. Dutch treats are, of course, plentiful and well priced; high quality original art, one-of-a-kind fashions, and handmade articles produced by local artisans make sensible souvenirs of your trip.

Oranjestad is the primary shopping area with several open-air malls, a wharf-side market, and a half mile stretch of top stores. Since the town is small, all the stores are located within a few blocks, and you can easily walk to each. Additional shops are located in the resorts and in the town of San Nicholas, on the South shore.

Food Markets

Great Buys

  • Dutch imports, such as Delft porcelain
  • Cigars (Cuban cigars are not allowed back into the US)
  • Designer clothes
  • High-quality original art, pottery, and sculpture
  • Swiss watches
  • English china
  • French perfume
  • Danish crystal
  • German and Japanese cameras
  • Indonesian fabrics
  • Designer jewelry by international artisans
  • Caribbean rum and liqueurs
  • Aruba Aloe beauty and health products

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