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Tamarijn Aruba Resort Reviews

Loved Tamarijn
Reviewer: Michele, Florida

I was reading the reviews and are surprised by some of the comments in regards to the staff.

My husband and I found that most of staff to be very friendly. Except for the front desk, they were not very friendly or helpful, it was like we were interrupting them. We did not like the time share info pushed on us. The hotel was just what we were looking for, it was cozy and large. Thee food was pretty good. We enjoyed the freedom of being able to leave the hotel and feel safe. We were able to take a local bus to Oranjestad and go to the supermarket.

We did do the jeep tour of the island. That was a wonderful day. We would not recommend the deep sea fishing trip as I really did not think the captain cared if we fished or not. And to honest we did not. The crew threw in the rods and chum and not one person aboard and there was 6 of us of ever held a rod in our hands.

We are going back in November 2005.

Tamarijn Aug 9 - Aug 16
Reviewer: Ann, Schoolcraft, Michigan.

We just returned from a beautiful week in Aruba. My husband, son, sister, nephew and I stayed at the Tamarijn. First time. The weather was great and we had a good time. I enjoyed the location of the Tamarijn. Being on the ocean with walk out rooms is fantastic. I wouldn't stay at the Tamarijn again though. I would stay at the Divi. The rooms were nicer and the staff was much friendlier. We found the housekeeping staff to be very friendly and very accomodating. The rest of the staff was very rude. It was very hard to get any help from the concierge or front desk. The resteraunt staff was extremely rude or just not around when you needed them.

Their counterparts at the Divi were just the opposite. We actually checked into switching locations but were unable to do so because there were no rooms available at the Divi. If there had been we would have changed in a heartbeat. On the first night there our room had no air conditioning. After 5 contacts and 7 hours to the management my husband finally helped install an air conditioner around Midnight. It looked like it was the only way we were going to get one. Like I said if we were to return it would be to the Divi. I wouldn't want to stay in one of the high rise hotels. It's so nice to be right on the beach.

Tamarijn is a Good Value for the Price
Reviewer: Aruba visitor, Birmingham, Alabama.

I just got back from the Tam on July 26th. It was not an elegent highrise hotel but what I wanted, which was clean and right on the beach with a great ocean view. The food was moderate - sometimes very good - sometimes just adequate. No complaints at all about the drinks. There were a few glitches, like not being able to get beach towels and mats when we needed them, but be insistent and they will come through. Also, there was a problem with the room key late one night, and they said they had no way to rekey it then, so it was like sorry, you can't get back in your room until tomorrow. Again, be insistent on anything that goes wrong and they will come through.

The people were friendly and helpful for the most part. An annoyance was being approached frequently to visit a time share - not what I wanted to do on my vacation. The positives are it is about 10 minutes from the airport, close to downtown, the weather was great - only 1 hour of rain in 7 days, a nice breeze blowing all the time so you don't get so hot and miserable, it is out of the hurricane track, right on the beach, and I felt very safe leaving the resort and exploring the island. I would definitely go back but like the lush, tropical flavor of other islands better than the aridness of Aruba.

Loved the Tamarijn in Aruba
Reviewer:, Natrona Heights, Pa.

My friend, Anita, and I are anxiously awaiting for Sept. 6. We will be returning to the Tamarijn in Aruba for the 4 th time. Two weeks this year. We love the Tamarijn and Aruba. The people are so kind and considerate and the Tamarijn staff is superb. The island is so safe, we walk at night and have no fear of being bothered. Shopping is very reasonable. Everything about the island is relaxing. The town is very clean and beautiful. We can't imagine going anywhere else. Try it, you will definitely love it.See you in Aruba, Kerry and Anita

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